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Tania Levy is a Vocal Coach, Studio Owner, Drama Teacher and former record Artist.


Tania Levy is a Professional Vocal Coach. She studied Theater Arts and Stage Coaching in Germany. She established her own company in Singapore. Tania completed her Justin Stoneys Teacher Training Certification last December 2018.

Born in Hamburg, and raised in Florida, USA, Tania made her way to the stages at an early age. She took up Drama and Vocals at a Professional University and started to work as an Actress. Focusing on Television, Short-Movies and Theatre. She also worked as a Voice Actress and as a singer. Some companies she worked with are Mediacorp, LITTLE RED ANTS SINGAPORE, Deichmann, Media Markt, RTL, ZDF, SAT1, Universal Music, Warner Music, MDR 3 and many more.

Tania’s students made it to the Finals and Semifinals of “The Voice Kids Germany” from 2015-2017. Tania also consults with the Parents of her students about the Music Business Industry in Hamburg and in Singapore.

Because of her expertise and experience in the music industry, Tania has made her presence known in YouTube. Where she amassed over 300,000 subscribers, all with the intent to learn and improve their vocal skills.


Students of Tania have benefited substantially from her coaching and guidance. Below are some testimonials written to her by her students and parents.
  • Tania is a very professional vocal coach. she has a stirring style, has humor and power. That’s what she teaches to her students. My daughter Lorena Scotti has always enjoyed teaching and she has always improved from the very beginning…. the technique, the breathing, the self-confidence … etc. She is very committed and has a good relationship with adolescents. We miss her very much.

    Lorena Scotti

    Parent of Student

  • Tania was the best Acting Coach i ever had. She taught me a lot. Not only did i learn how to represent myself on stage,to memorize lyrics,but also to become more self-confident.
    Her lessons have always been fun,you could talk to tania about everything. Her lessons were never boring,it was always multifaceted. Thank you for everything.


    Former Acting Student

  • I’m glad and grateful to have been your student for almost 3 years! I learned a lot and thanks to your explanations I was able to implement it easily and well. In your lessons, you did not show me how to use my vocal voice perfectly, but how to perform and perform   more confidently. You have always made teaching very diverse and we always had a lot of fun. Thanks to you I dare to appear in front of other people. It was nice to be your student. I would always come back to you immediately.
    All your love


  • I wanted to align you again, what an important role you have played in my life.I want to thank you also 1000 times, because you were the person who motivated me to sing in the first place, you believed in me, you have motivated me from the beginning and have always been there for me.
    I will never forget it in my life.
    Without you I would not have been able to develop so much,
    you were not only a really good teacher who taught me to sing from the heart but you have been also a really close friend and like a sister.
    I remember exactly how we were always able to discuss everything with you these were really nice times you have made me a self-confident person and i am so greatful for that. Thank you!!


  • “My daughter enjoyed Tania’s classes as Tania was very encouraging and motivating. Her lessons were fun and my daughter learned a lot. They covered many different types of songs and my daughter loved the variety. Tania herself has a beautiful voice”


    (mother of amber 12 years)

  • Last year our daughter was diagnosed to be suffering from vocal nodules and she had also been selected as one of the main leads for the school musical after many rounds of auditions . Being a good opportunity to showcase her talent we did not want to let go off it and approached Tania Levy to help her with the situation and guide her to improve her techniques. We definitely made the best choice for Shreya . Not only did Tania teach her some great vocal exercises which helped her manage the condition but she also helped her give her best performance on the stage albeit her vocal nodules. She is an effective and very professional  coach with a great attitude and approach towards youngsters. My daughter loved every lesson she had with her and she really helped my daughter do justice to her talent. Thanks again Tania !! 


    (mother of Shreya 11)

  • My Teacher Tania taught me many interesting Techniques that other teachers didn’t. Lessons have been fun and exiting We laugh a lot. I improved a lot after our lessons. Highly Recommended.


    Student, 12

  • Tania made the lesson engaging and interesting from the get go. Blessed with the comfort that I was in a place where I could practice and make mistakes for this allowed me to be more confident and expressive..



  • I went to Tanya to discover if I was still able to sing after a brain hemorrhage that I had in December 2018. In no time, Tanya helped me getting my confidence back and we worked on my vocal range. She was able to help me level up my skills fast. She is more than a great technical vocal coach. If need be she dives into what you need on a mental and emotional level to become a better performer and singer. I highly recommend Tanya as a vocal AND a stage presence coach. Thank you Tanya for seeing the quality in me and empowering me with making visible what my strengths are.





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