Become a Better Speaker!

Learn the stage crafts and bring them into your daily life!

  • Learn how to project your voice
  • Learn to speak with confidence and mean it
  • Learn how to interact socially and influence others
  • Learn to so NO and empower yourself


This course is individually designed for your needs!
Are you shy and unconfident? Are you a business owner who wants to make sells but is struggling with his presentation, speaking skills?

Are you lacking charisma, persuasion?

Are you unable to say properly NO? And stick to it?

Are you lacking to create a speech for your company? Not knowing when to put the right emotions? Where to pause and how to get the attention of the audience?

As a professional Voice Teacher, studied Actress and Theater Teacher, I can help you make more impact and bring you to the next level!

Learning through Theater technique means to learn through one of the oldest and most efficient professions ever existed. Now with my background you have the real deal! Voice Coach and Theater teacher! You will have the full closure! You will be able to work on your voice projection, breathing, posture work.
You will learn how to get confident threw acting, role play and traditional speaking and presentation exercises. You will learn how to never say YES and start to say NO! With confidence please! Learning how to close a deal and create an audience that will start listen. No one is born a speaker! Certainly not me! I was always very unconfident and mobbed til grade 11, even though i was playing theater and was a singer, i created a “fake confidence”. I know how it feels to always give in, never say ‘No’ and watching people take advantage off me. Starting to study the performing Arts and learning threw proper training i become more aware how powerful the Stage crafts can be. My Motto today for every student i have since i teach!
“Learn the Stage Crafts and bring them to your DAILY life!”

Its not about the stage, its about succeeding in your daily life!

Ready to speak better? Let me bring you there!

Regular Weekly Lessons
$90 / 45mins
Book a Workshop for your Start Up
$360 / 4 Hours