Tania Levy

Stage Art Studio Ptd Ltd Contract

___________, (student) hereafter referred to as “client”, is scheduled for a weekly lesson of 45-minutes duration with Tania Levy /Stage Art Studio PTD LTD, hereafter referred to as “Instructor”, mutual representation of Stage Art Studio (hereafter referred to as Legal Company in Singapore).to be held from to (time) on

(day of week). The tuition for this lesson is $ SG90 per lesson to be paid.

  1. Responsibilities of the Student
  2. Students shall notify the instructor at least 48 hours in advance to cancel a lesson by

calling 94680392 or the Student will be charged for the missed lesson. a.i. Students are financially responsible for any subsequent missed lessons

regardless of notice; therefore it is encouraged that the Student select a lesson time that works on a weekly basis. The lessons are scheduled for each week and your spot is reserved.

a.ii. Missed lessons without 48 hours notification, as a general rule, will not

be rescheduled. b. The Student will arrive on time to all scheduled lessons. Lessons will end at their

scheduled time, regardless of the time of Student’s arrival. Every overdue of time will be charged. The Student will not overstay his/her lesson time, or otherwise cut into another student’s lesson time.

  1. Responsibilities of instructor
  2. If the Instructor has to cancel a pre-paid lesson for any reason, and that lesson cannot

be rescheduled to the satisfaction of both parties, the tuition will be applied toward a future lesson. Refunds are not available. b. The Instructor shall begin lessons at their scheduled time, or the Instructor shall

extend the lesson to meet the required lesson time. c. The Instructor will,record each lesson via I-phone (audio)and will record every

Student Matters(invoices,recipes,etc)

  1. If the Instructor has to cancel a lesson for any reason, and that lesson cannot be

rescheduled to the satisfaction of both parties, the prepaid amount for that lesson will be credited to the following month’s lessons with the Studio. All payments remain non- refundable.

Lesson will be credited to the following month’s lessons with the Studio.

f.)If the Instructor cannot be available for a lesson, he/she reserves the right to hire a substitute instructor for private lessons with advance notice to the Student.

g.)The Instructor reserves the right to cancel the Student’s contract, at any time, in situations where the Student does not maintain ideal Studio standards, specifically regarding:

i.Timeliness ii.Attendance iii. Preparation iv.Professional Attitude

  1. What to expect from your lesson
  2. 45 minute lessons

a.i. 15-20 minutes: warm-ups and exercises a.ii. 20 minutes: repertoire (may replace with further exercises when necessary). a.iii. 5 minutes: identify goals and objectives for upcoming week.

Any Consultations regarding the Music Industry and Artist Development will be scheduled as an appointment and charged with 150,- per hour.

  1. Payment Method a) Stage Art Studio is offering a 6 months Contract-

4x 45 min.360 for SG Dollers (90,- per 45 min)

The lessons have to be paid for the whole month prior. Bank Transfer /lesson payment has to be done before the initial Lesson. You will receive a Invoice. No lessons will be held without a prior payment.

Payment may be rendered by credit card/Online Banking or PayPal (with an additional fee for processing), Fees have to be covered by the student.

Payments submitted after the due date will be subject to a $25 late fee. Initial payment, comprised of the total cost of remaining lessons in the current month, will be due upon signing the contract.

Fees and payments paid are non-refundable.

c)Duration of the contract is 5 months. Packages have to be both monthly by the end of your last lesson for the upcoming lesson. The Cancellation of a contract has to be noted 4 weeks before ending.

If the Student wishes to terminate lessons at any point during the year, 30 DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE is required. This written notice may only be delivered personally or via email; the Studio will not accept text messages, phone calls, or voicemails as appropriate notification for termination. The Student will be financially responsible for all lessons during the 30-day termination period.


If the Client wishes to have a drop in and a session without options a.) b.) we offer a 1- 2(max.of two lessons) session with 120,- SG Dollar that has to be paid Cash.

5.)If the Instructor has to cancel a lesson for any reason, and that lesson cannot be rescheduled to the satisfaction of both parties, the prepaid amount for that lesson will be credited to the following month’s lessons with the Studio. All payments remain non-refundable.


No refunds, deductions or credits will be given to students affected by weather-related or holiday-related closures, regardless of the Student’s ability to attend the session. During the summer months, observed closures include Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Regularly scheduled lessons that fall on a holiday will not be billed. We encourage to take the Skype Lesson option.


All lessons continue as usual during the summer months. This private Studio does not follow a semester system or any type of “school year.” If you and/or your family plan to be out of town at any point during the summer months, please give the Instructor ample notice. If the Student wishes to take the entire summer off, the Instructor cannot guarantee that the same lesson time slot will be available upon the Student’s return. We offer in this cases Skype Lessons if possible. If Skype lessons can not happen because of the time difference,the classes remain open until next time.

8.Pick Up and Drop Off from Class

Stage Art Studio responsibility begins only when the student is dropped off to the classroom when a teacher is present in the room.

Stage Art Studio is NOT responsible for students being dropped off outside the building or left unattended anywhere else but the studio. Stage Art Studio responsibility would disengage once the student has left the class.

  1. Information Stage Art Studio must be notified of any changes in address, emails or contact numbers.

Stage Art Studio will inform any changes in schedules or lessons or performances via sms and/or emails.

Stage Art Studio will not be responsible if the students/the guardians do not receive the messages due to technical glitches, problems or if messages are not retrieved on time. Stage Art Studio Ltd reserves the right to exclude a student whose behavior towards the teacher or the other students is unacceptable. In this case the uncompleted classes will be paid back.

I understand that my payments are not refundable under any circumstances. I understand that all terms in this agreement are non-negotiable, upon execution of this document. The terms of this contract shall be in effect beginning __________________________ and will continue until I, the Student, submit written notification of my intent to cease taking lessons at the Studio (see Section 1.G below).

I have read, and I agree to the above conditions.

(student) Print Sign

(parent/) Print guardian Sign

(Instructor) Print Sign

Keep a copy of this contract for your files.

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Singapore 069911 Nr.94680392

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