Progressively Learn and Improve Over Time



SGD $90 (45 mins)


  • Have your singing abilities analysed while you sing favourite song
  • Learn how to improve your singing instantly
  • We bring 100% results by the end and cover you with the right songs that you can improve too.
  • Posture and breathing control
  • How to sing with power
  • Exercises in different vowels for vocalisation and pronunciation
  • Proper phrasing
  • Interpretation on the mood of songs
  • Developing wider singing range and dynamics



SGD $120 (75 mins)


  • Receive additional 30-mins analysis & consultation (on top of 75 mins session)
  • Take extra time to understand the proper technique for your voice.
  • Learn to master your skills and reproduce your techniques at home.
  • Learn to develop wider singing range and dynamics.
  • Learn how to audition with your songs and build a repertoire.


Available just for children

Available in english
Available in german

Are you an Adult!???

We only offer for Grown Ups the 75 min option in Singapore. Grown Ups require more time, have more questions and a longer concentrations span. Because of experience in the past, there is a regular overdue on the 45min Experience has shown that the small package is mostly not enough. The 45 min option can be booked for a skype lesson not for a lesson in person. We are happy to give you the full vocal joy and vocal closure and enough time to experience an amazing lesson!


Available for children
Available for adults

Available in english
Available in german

Help! I am not from Singapore!

NOT IN SINGAPORE? We also offer Skype Lesson!
You don’t have to live in Singapore to receive a high quality lesson from Tania Levy. No problem. We also provide Skype lessons. Just select either package and we will prompt you if you need the lesson via Skype. We are happy to assist you.
No Skype? Download now for free!

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