Dance training, Speech and Vocal Exercises, Pantomime and Acting Lessons, will make this workshop your favourite experience.
Learning to act through a song, explore and interpret and connect to the lyrics to tell the story.
Creating our own Musical, with our own scripts and ideas or having a famous theme, you can choose who you want to be!

In a safe space where you can express yourself, take challenges and risks and develop your own confidence and creativity.
Learning Dance choreographies to modern hits or classic Musicals.

We will learn

  • How to pick up a choreography
  • Learn Pop Songs, harmonies
  • Develop a natural acting style
  • Learn the basics of Singing
  • Encourage our creativity
  • How to develop acting scenes
  • Learn to be confident in a group and express yourself

Most important is you, the fun, the experience and having a great time together in a safe environment.
On the final day we are going to present our Musical to our friends and family!
Its your time to conquer the stage!