SGD $90.00 (60 mins)


USD $50

Several months of lessons

After our first lesson our students either continue for 3 months or 5 months and enroll into our tuition system.
You pay a monthly fee for every month via papal but you commit to either 3 months or 5 months

  • You have a reserved weekly singing slot
  • Together we choose the time and day.
  • You will get a 10% discount when choosing the 5 months option, that means for every month you don’t pay the 360, you pay 320 Singapore Dollar for example. Great saving!
  • There will be 2 Make up Lessons provided.
  • If you want to buy a personal package of 5 lesson, need a special Lesson for audition, etc then please contact Tania via Mail.
  • Payment is via pay-pal

For Children

3 Months4 x 45 MinutesSGD 360 / Month *BOOK NOW!
5 Months4 x 45 MinutesSGD 320 / Month *BOOK NOW!

For Grown ups Students

3 Months4 x 60 MinutesSGD 400 / Month *BOOK NOW!
5 Months4 x 60 MinutesSGD 360 / Month *BOOK NOW!

Exklusive Premium Package

3 Months4 x 75 MinutesSGD 480 / Month *BOOK NOW!

* plus SGD 10 Service- fees

Questions & Answers

YES! It’s even better so we can start from the basics and learn step by step.

No. All first timers that work with Tania have to pay through our website. This only applies for online lessons and first timers. Once you are committing to our policy’s and have sign them (download them on the website) and want to continue regularly, you pay for each month a package of 4 lessons via DBS or Paylah without the PayPal fees.

The website offers PayPal which charges a 3.9% which are the additional 90+5 dollars.

If you want to get familiar with Tania Levys Policy’s don’t hesitate to download them via the website. The policy’s don’t apply for first timers.

Pick out one to two songs that you would like to work on.

Write down any questions you have about your voice and the goals that you want to work out!

All lessons are structured. We are starting with a quick posture workout.

Breath Management exercises. Vocal Warm ups and technical exercises.

We then work on one to two songs. One song is more advanced, the other one less advanced. We break down the songs and apply the necessary techniques to your singing. Every week Tania is trying to bring in new exercises and topics to learn so it won’t be boring.

I require 48 hour’s cancellation policy. Because so many people are interested in booking lessons, late cancellations don’t allow others to pick up lessons when they become available.

If you book a lesson online and can’t make it to our lesson time there will be no refund.

A device with a webcam and microphone. Reliable internet. Having headphones for the video-chat device, and having a secondary device that can play tracks to sing along with is also very helpful.


Available for children
Available for adults

Available in english
Available in german


Available for children
Available for adults

Available in english
Available in german

Help! I am not from Singapore!

NOT IN SINGAPORE? We also offer Skype Lesson!
You don’t have to live in Singapore to receive a high quality lesson from Tania Levy. No problem. We also provide Skype lessons. Just select either package and we will prompt you if you need the lesson via Skype. We are happy to assist you.
No Skype? Download now for free!

Please note that all the prices listed on this website is inclusive of the paypal transaction charges.